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Welcome to FemDancefeel the feminine beauty and energy with me!

FemDance was formed to meet the power and beauty. My classes are for women at any ages, who wish to find the harmony...

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THE CLASSES are in English, choose your one


Burn plenty of calories with me on my shaping classes either privately or in classes, at home or in the gym.


Be strong, shiny, and gorgeus! Learn how to be the dancing queen in the parties.


Classic beauty with the most intense power and perfectionism. Come and try your limits!


A private dance workshop is a perfect event for a bachelorette party. The style is your choice!


Surprise your family and friends with a classic opening dance choreography or by a short funny showdance.

The MASTER TRAINER about Ágnes Nikolett Farkas, dancer

I met the art of dance when I was four years old. I attended jazz ballett courses during the kindergarten and elementary school. During my US studies I learned jazz ballett and acrobatic dance by Kristen Messner's studio (OH, USA). As soon as I returned to Hungary I continued my studies at the Madách Musical Dance School (MMTI). After finshing, I got the professional dancer degree. Later, I become an official latin dance instructor, then group fitness instructor as well. Thanks to my teachers I won several prizes on national dancing competitions. Today with the qualification of registered Zumba® and Salsation® instructor, certified kinesio/sport tape expert, just about to get the professional personal trainer degreeon, and on the way to get the maternity fittness and physiotherapy. I teach dance at any ages as FemDance® Master Trainer.
Ágnes Nikolett Farkas

FemDance Master Trainer


PRICE LIST How to pay:

via bank or OTP Szép card transfer, and by cash.

Service geolocations: districs: Budapest I-IX. and XI-XV. Around Budapest in the suburban: based on agreement including further cherges.

In case of personal training at home - based on the aggreement - at your home. This service includes the traport of the equipments (wheits, rubberband, step pad, kettlebell, Fit ball, soft ball, dynair pillow, etc.).

Personal training 60 min. 3 000HUF/training + gym entrance fee Sign up here
Duett 60 min 2 000HUF/person/training + gym entrance fee Sign up here
Small group (3-4 person) 60 min 1 500HUF/person/training + gym entrance fee Sign up here
Personal training at home 60 min 6 000HUF/person/training Sign up here
Kinesio taping 2 000 HUF/body part Sign up here
1 training 60 min 5 000HUF/person/training + dance hall fee Sign up here
up to 15 persons 60 min 5 000 HUF/person/dance Sign up here
16-25 persons 60 min 4 500 HUF/person/dance Sign up here
26-30 persons 60 min 4 000HUF/person/dance Sign up here
1-5. classes 60 min 5 000 HUF/pair/class + dance hall fee Sign up here
More than 6 classes 60 min 3 500 HUF/pair/class + dance hall fee Sign up here
2-5 persons 60 min 2 500 HUF/persons + dance hall fee Sign up here
6-10 persons 60 min 2 200 HUF/persons + dance hall fee Sign up here
More than 11 persons 60 min 2 000 HUF/person + dance hall fee Sign up here

POLICIESInfo, pricing, guidleines, attire, cancellations.

21 January, 2019

Prices are depent on the type and place of the lectures. Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you need any info.

Wear comfortable dress as typical for sport or dance. I recommend jogging shoes for Dance Fitness and Lady Style courses. Use ballett shoes for Jazz- and Chromo balett® courses. Take a bottle of mineral water and a towel for your convenience.

The wedding dance course countains:
– pre-fixed schedule for the courses between 8:00 am and 10:00 pm (even on holidays)
- choice of the music, cut the music, making the coerography, teaching the coerography
- video taking during the rehersals for later use or to excercise at home
– personal attendance on the wedding itself, checkinng the place, final rehersal locally - unless there are no special circumstances)

The price of the wedding dance course contains two elements: the course and to hire the place for the dance course (dance pool). The course is 5000 HUF/couple/90 min, in addition to the price of the dance pool, typically 1500 HuF/60min. Fixed courses can only be cancelled 24 hours befor the start. In any other case, 50% fee should apply, in addition to the price of the dance pool. This amount must be purched befor the start of the forthcoming session.

– prefixed times, based on agreement between 8:00 to 22:00 (even on weekends)
– dance classes are in the school's hall
- choice of the music and help with it
– cut of the music(s) and coerography including design and training
– this service includes approximate 8-12 classes, 60 minutes per week
– Prices including the classes only, any further chages are excluded (costume hiring, dance hall/gym rental, etc).
– 500 HUF/person reduction for the second dance.

As a certified organizer I can organize and manage business and sport events, family and health days. This includes warm ups, sport activities, fitnes show with music.

Cancellations or modifications of any fixed dates is possible 24 hours before the start. In case of cancellations within 24 hours, 50% of the service fee must applied including the full dance hall rental or other charges. These charges must be purched in advance the next class.

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+36 30 685 0410

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